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Looking for a chatroulette alternative? Look no further. Here at Chatroulette Alternative we have every chatrandom or random video chat website at your fingertips. Find out which chat sites fit your needs.

Before you start your journey into the internet chat world, you should understand that it's not as easy as you may think. There are many different chat websites to travel to and even more that you should avoid. First you must know what your looking for. Yes, it's simple what do you want out of your chat experience? The real question is are you looking for naked girls to sex chat with? If your answer is no, then your on a easier path. Finding willing girls to chat with naked and have a online experience is very hard... We do however have the info your looking for here, a guide so to speak.

First we will start with the non-adult wants and desires, a much smaller number of chat users but this is for you. We have each chat website labeled with helpful information for your browsing pleasure.

Ok, lets get to it! You will find all the info you need in order to get the most out of your chatting with strangers experience.

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ChatPig | ChatRandom | Chatroulette | Omegle | FaceBuzz | Camstumble | TinyChat | CamZap | SexRoulette | MeatSpin | imeetzu | Bazoocam | vChatter | FaceRoulette | ChatRuletka | StrangerMeetUp | RouletteChat | iddin | Funyo | Cambop

The Huge List of chat websites


A German Chatroulette Website

One of the original random chat websites in Germany and at one point the most popular. With a good percentage of girls at around 15% based on 1000 random connections. Most users speak both German and English so its a pretty good place to learn German and meet German girls and guys. Most users will give you the chance to atleast say something before they next you, which is great. So go give it a try!

Visit ChatPig

Average users online: 5k | Nudity: Allowed (No Moderation)
Male/Female: 85%/15% | Rating: 3.7


One of the best chat sites on the net

By far having the most users online at once , even over that of chatroulette. With many options including country selection and webcam active only mode, ChatRandom is considered by us to be your best choice when it comes to all chat websites have to offer. However if your looking for a naked encounter don't go looking here, these are very rare. With some moderation going on, it's better to not go surfing while nude (This never works to attract girls). If your ready to chat for the long term and build up to this, check out chatrandom.

Visit ChatRandom

Average users online: 200k | Nudity: Less Frequent (Some Moderation)
Male/Female: 65%/35% | Rating: 4.2


First of it's kind chat website

Known by many to be one of the first random chat websites, although it didn't add video chat till much later. It was truly the beginning of the era of random chat websites. It lets you talk anonymously with a complete stranger from a random part of the world. You had no idea who you would be chatting with. This did not sit well with many but of course with many others. Omegle is definitely worth trying.

Visit Omegle

Average users online: 100k | Nudity: Has Adult Section
Male/Female: 60%/40% | Rating: 4.0


A Simple Face 2 Face Chat Website

FaceBuzz at times is a pretty good alternative to chatroulette although more often then not you'll have to beware of guys with a little too much time on their hands ;). FaceBuzz also can have a fair amount of girls to chat with but they are very quick to next you. Make sure to be good looking and not creepy looking.

Visit FaceBuzz

Average users online: 1k | Nudity: Banning of Nudity
Male/Female: 80%/20% | Rating: 2.9


A straight forward Chatroulette Clone

If you are looking to have the same functionality as Chatroulette but with all the naked guys and tokens to deal with removed, this is your site. With all the same options as the original chatroulette you wont be missing out... except for the lack of girls. Plenty of girls on this version and most that will give you a chance before nexting you. Good Luck

Visit Chatroulette

Average users online: 88k | Nudity: Nudity from both Girls & Guys
Male/Female: 50%/50% | Rating: 4.3


Best Random Video Chat Websites

CamStumble is a random video chat website. The best Chatroulette, and Omegle Alternative! Offers Random Chat, Live Cams, Live Sex, and more... Your Currently on the Random Chat which is the main and original part of CamStumble. Here you can press stumble and get connected to a random other person visiting the site. To Stop chatting simply press stop. Have Fun!

Visit CamStumble

Average users online: 256k | Nudity: Moderation (Girls Allowed Nude)
Male/Female: 50%/50% | Rating: 4.5


Tinyurl's chat service

From the creators of TinyUrl comes a chatroulette alternative which works well for what it does. Tiny chat offers random video chat, chat rooms, girls only chat and also gay chat. It has a good amount of people on at once around 40k and its 30% female avg. isn't to bad.

Visit Tinychat

Average users online: 41k | Nudity: Moderation Nudity Banned
Male/Female: 70%/30% | Rating: 3.7


Zap p2p cam Chat

Utilizing it's name "Zap" from random user to random user until you get one you'd like to chat with. It seems to process each next user connection if you will pretty slowly but this may give you a minute to say the the right thing and stop the girl from nexting you. The ratio isn't that good when it comes to females but they are their, so it may be worth a try.

Visit Camzap

Average users online: 4k | Nudity: Fair Amount of Nudity
Male/Female: 80%/20% | Rating: 3.2


Exactly What it says "SEX"

Sex Roulette is a adult only chatroulette alternative. It has one of the best Female to male ratios on the internet, however a lot of these girls are "Cam Girls" looking for you to tip them. If you just want to skip around and enjoy the view these girls are hot and want to tease you. If you want more your going to have to break out the wallet! But i must say it's not that expensive in terms of Cam Girls from across the net.

Visit SexRoulette

Average users online: 13k | Nudity: Allowed Fully
Male/Female: 40%/60% | Rating: 3.8


Guys with their dicks out

MeatSpin is exactly what the name implies, Rock out with your cock out. Most would believe this site to be entirely Gay... It really isn't. A lot of girls head on for a laugh and might end up sticking around to watch you, saying that this is very very rare. If your looking to watch a hot guy play with himself , this is your site, or if you just want anyone to watch you!

Visit MeatSpin

Average users online: 34k | Nudity: Allowed Fully
Male/Female: 90%/10% | Rating: 3.1


New Chat roulette style site

Newer to the chat website family is imeetzu. The name is clever and points to the fact you'll meet someone new and maybe a different type of person. They seem to have a lot of moderators on the site, we will see how long that lasts. Since it's new there isn't many people on at once for you to next but that might be to your benefit. Seeing people more then once might give you the chance to actually talk to them.

Visit imeetzu

Average users online: 500 | Nudity: Not Allowed (Banned)
Male/Female: 70%/30% | Rating: 3.5


Random Chat Bazoooooo

Another Random chat website that seems to offer the same as everyone else. It has all the usual functionality that all chat websites have including chat rooms and video chat. It doesn't seem to have an adult section but some users seem to get away with nudity although its not common. A fair amount of girls to chat with after a hour of nexting.

Visit Bazoocam

Average users online: 900 | Nudity: Not Allowed (Banned)
Male/Female: 60%/40% | Rating: 3.0


Virtual Chat Website

with vChatter you have all the good parts of each stranger chat website. Video stream seems to be pretty good, and the connection time is quick. It seems they have simplified their back end code to make it run a bit better then other sites. But a big part to its low rating is it has no users! You may see the same people over and over and over. But don't give up, you may catch a new girl user, who may only see you haha :).

Visit vChatter

Average users online: 120 | Nudity: Some Moderation (ok)
Male/Female: 70%/30% | Rating: 2.5


Face 2 face Chat

Clever name once again with face Roulette and chatrouleete alternative that all about faces. They don't have much more then any other chat website out there but do have some small differences which i wont even bother going over. Jump on here and give it a test run. Contact us if you have anything interesting happen to you!?

Visit FaceRoulette

Average users online: 500 | Nudity: Little Moderation
Male/Female: 80%/20% | Rating: 2.9


A Russian Chat Roulette

Known mostly by Russian chat users but just another random chat website you may want to look into. It has a fair amount of users on it including girls. It's users are mostly from Russia but speak english... somewhat. If you want to be connected with mostly Russian guys and girls why not use this direct roulette site.

Visit ChatRuletka

Average users online: 1.2k | Nudity: Nudity Seems Ok
Male/Female: 60%/40% | Rating: 3.4


Meet a stranger tonight

Stranger Meet Up is all about trying to hook up with strangers. Nudity is not allowed but people seem to do it anyway, that is after they are connected. Most users want to end up meeting your radnom partners in person for maybe a easy one night stand. Not sure how well this actually works out, but i guess you have to try it out for you self. So next time your looking for a meet up in your area, this may be the site your looking for.

Visit StrangerMeetUp

Average users online: 1.8k | Nudity: Nudity Not Allowed (Adult Section)
Male/Female: 60%/40% | Rating: 3.2

Roulette Chat

Chat Random Website

This version of a semi popular roulette style chat website features chatting with strangers via video, audio, and text chat. It offers a adult section witch is 18+ and allows nudity. Many users are from Europe so the crowd is different the usual US people. Make sure to check out the many other options available on this site.

Visit Roulette Chat

Average users online: 4k | Nudity: Nudity Allowed in Adult 18+
Male/Female: 55%/45% | Rating: 3.3


European Chat Website

The iddin is definitely a more Europe based chat base then most on our list. Like that of Roulette Chat, iddin has many different sections of chat rooms and of course an Adult Section. This site can get very bust during peak European traffic hours.

Visit iddin

Average users online: 17k | Nudity: Nudity Allowed only in Adult part
Male/Female: 65%/35% | Rating: 3.5


A Great site apart of ChatRandom

Funyo is a simplistic yet resourceful random chat website. You can quickly get connected to select users via country selection. Also has a great girls only one on one chat section! You will need to sign up in order to use the girls only chat, but hey it's free and the girls are pretty hot. Enjoy.

Visit Funyo

Average users online: 45k | Nudity: Only in Adult Section
Male/Female: 55%/45% | Rating: 4.2


Fun Place To Meet

CamBop is not the most popular of sites on our list but it has a decent amount of hourly traffic and plenty of people and girls to chat with. It seems to have quite a bit of gay users, however this seems to bring girls around looking to chat and gossip about life. Bop Bop Bop next, next, next!

Visit CamBop

Average users online: 5k | Nudity: Only in Adult Section
Male/Female: 75%/35% | Rating: 3.2